If you are not sure about the fitment of a part simply connect us through any medium and ask.

All evaporators are accompanied with a one-year warranty; the exceptions are:

Electrical items, these come with a on (1) month warranty (some aftermarket/non-genuine motors will make a humming sound, nothing that will over power a radio but if used in silence, will be heard) *conditions apply

A/C Compressors, non-genuine come with a three (3) month warranty *conditions apply

A/C Compressors, genuine come with a six (6) months warranty *conditions apply

A/C cabin filter, these have a six (6) months warranty *conditions apply

*Warranties are void if parts are modified or used for purposes apart from which it was manufactured. Warranties are void for compressors if the part is installed without a/c drier or on an unclean system. Cabin filter life span is dependent on the cleanliness of the vehicle’s flooring/carpet and if the system is being used on fresh or recycle.